Martin Maheux was visit-ing a friend several years ago when he had a “Eureka” moment.

After seeing a chess board set up on a table in the living room, the Calgary-based chef went home and started thinking about how he could reinvent the classic game.

Just in time for Christmas, Maheux’s 3D board game, Crusade Conquer, hit store shelves in Zellers nationwide last month.

“I’ve always been intrigued by the game and all the strategy,” said Maheux in an interview on YouTube.

Growing up in Quebec, Maheux and his two brothers were taught how to play chess by their father. He describes his new adventure game as “a modern twist on the classic game of chess,” which centres around an epic battle between two feuding kings over a fictional kingdom called Hamsbourg.

The basic rules of chess still apply to the two-player game, but a castle has been added to either end of the board and the two pawns have been replaced by a flying dragon and blocking flag bearer.

“Unlike most games on the market today, Crusade Conquer has no limiting demographics. It will be loved by people in every age bracket, in any language and on every continent,” Maheux said.

The 32-piece game retails for under $50.

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— Karen Turner