Chess and the C’s

Have you just started playing chess but can’t quite get the hang of it? Do you feel that there are just too many things to remember and to complicate matters more; there are all those fancy words that they use? Well, playing chess is something that you will
learn by practice but we can make you an expert in chess terminologies in just about five minutes. All you have to do is go through this article and you will know all the important chess terms that begin with the letter “C”.

 We will start off by invoking the goddess of good fortune and luck, Caissa. She also happens to be the goddess of chess, which is why you will often find players attributing their wins to the fact that Caissa was with them during the game. But not even
Caissa can make you win if your moves are not Calculated. This term is self explanatory. It is to plan your move and the consecutive ones in such a way that you have analyzed what your opponent would do as well. A move that is being calculated is a Candidate
move. It is something that has the potential of achieving desirable results.

A thing that is very desirable in chess is to make a Capture. It is when a player is in an attacking mode and has eliminated the opponent’s piece by taking it with his/her own piece. Talking about pieces, there is one that is called the Capped piece. It
is that piece which is being used by the player to deliver a checkmate on the opponent’s king. To save the king from being placed under attack, you can Castle it. Castling is a special maneuver in which a player moves the king to either the left or the right
corner, whereas the rook of that particular side comes towards the center. This exchange takes place in one single move. When the king moves towards the queenside, it is known as Castling Long because the king travels three squares, in one go. When the king
moves towards the kingside, it is called Castling Short because the king travels two squares.

Like castling, there is another “C” that provides a player with a stronger position in chess. It is called Centralization. It is a process in which a player or both the players develop their pieces by positioning them towards the center of the chess board.
Centralization helps a player to form a strong Center on the board which can work a long way in achieving an advantage overall. Center is referred to as the four squares in the middle of the board. Therefore, a Central pawn is the one which can be found on
any one of the files or columns that consist of the center squares.  

This leads us to the term Classical. A classical system is a form of an opening in which a strong center is developed with the help of pawns. Often, this leads to restricted mobility for some chess pieces. A chess game in which the movement of most of the
chess pieces is restricted is known as a Closed game. Similarly, there is a term known as a Closed file. It is a file in which both the white and the black players have a pawn. A way to increase the mobility is to do Clearance. This is done when a player makes
exchanges with the pieces of the opponent in order to lessen the crowd on the chess board.

These were some of the more important and generally used terms in chess. After going through this article you will be able to understand the world of chess.