Chess terms that begin with M

Are you shy of having a conversation about chess with your friends, who seem to know all there is to know about the game? Do you mumble your reply when asked about your opinion about a certain chess match? Or have you just entered the black and white jungle,
and are trying to grope your way through the complicated chess jargon? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you are at the right place, because we are going to provide you with a panacea for your chess problems. In this article, we are going to
discuss with you all the commonly used chess terminologies in such a way, that it will be easy for you to remember and retain them. In order to facilitate your understanding, we will be individually dealing with terms that begin with the letter M.

While playing chess, you should be able to make the distinction between the Major pieces and the Minor ones. The Major chess pieces consist of the queen and the rook, while the Minor ones include the bishop and the knight. The Major pieces are also known
as the heavy pieces. As anyone who is familiar with the chess rules would know, every piece has a different value. If the total value of all the player’s pieces is greater than that of the opponent, then the player with the higher value is said to have a Material
advantage. Material advantage often plays a detrimental factor during mating. An attack that is aimed at achieving a checkmate is called a Mating attack.

Material advantage can be attained during the Middlegame. It is that part of the game in which pieces can be captured and exchanges made. Middlegame follows the opening game, during which the pieces are developed, and is followed by the endgame. Talking
about exchanges, there is a specific type of exchange which involves the bishops and the knights. As these minor pieces are captured in the exchange, it is called the Minor exchange.

A very important M terminology is Mobility. It is the capacity of a piece to move around the board freely. The term can refer to a particular piece, or all the pieces of a player as a whole. A player should be able to understand the significance of the mobility
of different chess pieces. The use of this tactic can lead to securing good strategic positions. A variation of this term is Mobile pawn centre. This is used to refer to the pawns on the central squares, which are able to advance further on the files without
becoming weak.

From mobility, lets jump on to the term Move. A move is made when both the white and the black players have had their turns. A turn by either one of the player is a half move, also called the ply. There is a special move which is known as the Mysterious
rook move. This is a complex move that requires a deep understanding of chess and a firm grip of the chess strategies. While making the move, the player uses the rook in such a way that it makes no direct attack upon the opponent, but in effect stops them
from taking a certain type of action which can potentially harm the player. The mysterious rook move can also have a secret plan concealed that can come into play in the future.

These were the more important chess terminologies that you should be aware of as a beginner. With a thorough understanding of these terms, you should be able to make your way smoothly through the black and white jungle. So go ahead and enjoy your trip.