Shah Mat!   For those of you not familiar with the game of chess, which originated in Persia, “Shah Mat” in chess is actually “Checkmate”; Farsi for the “King is defeated.”  Who knew chess had its own language? Well, I now know a bit more about the intriguing language of chess and its strategies including Running, Blocking, Taking, Single and Double Threats, Forks and worst of all threatening the Queen because chess is being added to the offerings at Community Education. I’m happy to announce that Chess Wizards, a nationally known chess academy, will be offering classes in our after school Enrichment Program as well as our Summer Enrichment Program.

After researching many chess programs, I am convinced that Community Education has found the program that is just the right fit for the children of Westborough.  Chess Wizards, based in Illinois, was founded in August of 2002 by a group of chess enthusiasts.  Their staff includes internationally recognized chess players as well as education professionals who are dedicated to catering to children’s chess needs.  While the primary goal of the instructors is to teach their students about chess, their mission is to improve student’s logic, concentration, and critical-thinking skills.  Players will also learn how to win graciously and accept defeat with dignity and sportsmanship.  Chess Wizards has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, NY Times and Chess Magazine.  For more information about Chess Wizards, please visit their website at

Chess Wizards classes will be offered at Mill Pond as well as at Armstrong, Fales, and Hastings Elementary schools beginning the week of February 28th and will run through April 11th. 

Chess Wizards’ classes are designed to cater to all levels of chess ability.  Whether the student is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, Chess Wizards makes chess challenging and fun for all participants.  Instructors create the perfect environment in which children compete, while raising self-esteem and confidence. Each level has appropriate homework/lessons and once a child has completed their current level of wizardry, they will be promoted onward to the next level.

The registration deadline is Friday, January 28th.  For more details, please check out the Community Education website at (click on Programs, then Community Education, then Winter Session II).  Until next week…