Coquille’s varsity and junior varsity chess teams swept the
Southern Oregon Chess League, which finished its 12-game season

Over the three months of Saturday games, the Coquille varsity
won 11 out of 12 games, and the Coquille junior varsity was
undefeated in its 12 games.

Myrtle Point, a school that just started its chess club in
November, placed its JV team place second against the more
experienced schools of Oakland, Sutherlin and Myrtle Creek.

Sutherlin, Oakland and Myrtle Creek had problems fielding enough
players for the Saturday tournaments, but additional Coquille
students filled in on those teams where needed. They even made up
an ad hoc team so that no team had to take a bye during the

During the last two months of the league, a varsity team of
homeschool students from Medford, Central Point and Grants Pass
participated, placing second in the league and giving Coquille’s
varsity its only defeat of the season.

State rules don’t allow the Medford team to qualify for this
year’s state championship, but it hopes to recruit players and
qualify next year, said Coquille coach Nancy Keller.

The other southern Oregon teams plan to compete in the state
championships March 11-12 in Sherwood.

Varsity teams consist of players from grades 9 to 12, and JV
teams include players from grades 6 to 12.



1st place: Coquille

2nd place: Medford

3rd place: Oakland

4th place: Sutherlin

5th place: Marshfield

6th place: Myrtle Point

Junior Varsity

1st place: Coquille

2nd place: Myrtle Point

3rd place: Oakland

4th place: Myrtle Creek

5th place: Sutherlin