By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – Jefferson County Commissioner George Bowman on Tuesday called State Senator Scott Beason a liar and challenged him to a game of chess.

Bowman made the comments Tuesday morning during a county commission meeting in Bessemer. Bowman told FOX6 News he felt insulted by comments made recently by Beason.

Last week, Beason told FOX6 News he supported creating a seperate corporation to run the Jefferson County sewer department and to refinance a new bond deal. Beason said the county commission “lacked credibility.”

Tuesday, Bowman said the comments were an insult to him, the current county commission and county employees. Bowman called Beason “a liar” and challenged him to a game of chess to prove his worth.

“While, in the past, differences were settled with dueling pistols, I am challenging Beason to a game of chess to prove his worth,” Bowman said.

After the meeting, FOX6 News contacted Beason for reaction. Beason said his comments last week were basically referring to the past county commission, but he said he still believes a corporation may be needed because investors may not trust the current county commission to run the sewer department or refinance the bond deal.

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