We’ve got options for players looking for fast-paced games or slower, more logical experiences in today’s fresh games. Start with an app that basically lets you play Pictionary, but with LEGO. Move on to a new rhythm game that utilizes the tunes of Lady Gaga. Then finish up with a free download of the board game classic, chess.

LEGO Creationary (iPhone, iPad) Free

LEGO fanatics, your iPhone game is here. LEGO Creationary is like Pictionary with bricks, and if you like the customizable toys and models LEGO can create, you’ll probably enjoy this simple guessing game.

Players start by rolling a virtual die, which lands on a category of LEGO model — nature, vehicle, building or thing. Then you’ll start to see a model from the category start to be built in front of you, brick by brick. You’ll score points by guessing which of four options the model is, with more points coming from guessing earlier. Creationary ramps up the difficulty the longer you go without missing a right answer, and the app uses more than 300 bricks, making the models pretty complex and hopefully challenging.

Lady Gaga Revenge 2 (iPhone, iPad) $4.99

Here’s the easiest way to explain Lady Gaga Revenge 2: it’s a music game that uses an interface kind of like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and you tap your fingers with the beat to score points. TapTap Revenge, which is made by the same developer as this app, is one of the coolest free games on the iPhone, and while Lady Gaga Revenge 2 isn’t free, it does have something Tap Tap Revenge doesn’t: Lady Gaga music.

This sequel to Lady Gaga Revenge includes nine new hit tracks from the pop star, plus four additional, more challenging boss tracks. The app also gives players the ability to send Tweets, Facebook updates and emails straight from the game, too, so you can rub-in your high-scores and Gaga knowledge to your friends with peak efficiency.

Free Chess (iPhone, iPad) Free

As the app description for this one says, some classics should never cost money. Free Chess is like any chess game application on pretty much any computer sold in the last 20 years. But there’s a reason chess has been around for a lot longer than that — it’s as fun as it is challenging.

Free Chess has a pretty simple interface and includes features like a move log, as well as an AI opponent. The AI can even play games by itself, allowing you to watch as a spectator, and there’s a beginner’s guide for players new to the game.