greenbay-chicagoGreen Bay Packers were a mess before Dom Campers will hire as his defensive coordinator two years ago and the Chicago Bears had problems with their offense when they hired Mike Martz at the end of the season.

The Packers visit the Bears today at Soldier Field for the National Conference championship and the result might have been like a chess game between these two veterans coordinators but almost fresh off their sets.

“Mike has been doing a good job for many years and knows all the details that are truly effective in your system. I think you never know what’s going to leave, “Capers acknowledged, adding that” he (Mike Martz) knows when to use these details and knows what I think he thinks is the most effective way to use them in your against. “

For his part, I consider Martz Capers “a great teacher” whose teams have always been “well educated” and Green Bay’s defense certainly earned good grades in this year to lead the Packers to the NFC championship despite suffered a series of injuries that have ruled out many other teams.  Meanwhile, the Bears appeared to have derailed before some key adjustments on offense and have a marked improvement this season.

Now, both teams will face off in the hand number 182 in its history and there is nothing more important than may be at stake: the National Conference championship and ticket to Dallas to play the Super Bowl XLV.

The two teams combined have 21 championships and 47 players enshrined in the Hall of Fame, with the likes of George Halas, Dick Butkus and Mike Ditka for the Bears, and Vince Lombardi, Kenneth Starr and Ray Nitschke are ready to take on a ticket to the Super Bowl.

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