Hide ya kids, hide ya wife and hide ya husbands, too because chess is being played

Six men who frequent Inwood Hill Park in Upper Manhattan to play chess—at (get
this) the designated, built-in chess tables—had their game busted by a group of
cops in late October for their “failure to comply with signs.” The cops came dressed
appropriately in bulletproof vests to point out the sign that read “Adults allowed
in playground areas only when accompanied by a child under the age of 12.”

According to one of the chess convicts Yacahuda Harrison, 49, the park ranger
granted the men permission to play the game and said, “That’s only written for pedophiles”
when asked about the sign.

Harrison, along with one fellow chess player, rejected the offer of contemplation
for dismissal- meaning if they stay out of trouble, the matter will be dropped.
They now face a potential $1,000 fine and 90 days in jail. Three others accepted the offer and one of the
men didn’t show up for the summons yesterday.

Lawyer and civil-rights attorney Norman Siegel explained Harrison’s decision.
“They want to go to trial. They feel the charges against them should be dismissed,”
said Siegel. Harrison is expected in Manhattan Criminal Court next week for trial.

“Is chess really something that should be considered a threat to the neighborhood?” asked neighborhood resident Joanne Johnson.