Written by James Swift on Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jeopardy Champs Beaten By IBM Supercomputer

Jeopardy Champs Beaten By IBM Supercomputer

IBM(IBM) is well known for building super machines that are designed to head to head with humans in different settings. They were the minds behind Big Blue, the chess playing computer that was designed to beat chess masters. Sadly the machine failed to beat the chess master in the final match. Many said that this showed the limitations of computers against the human mind.

However, the new machine, Watson, is a bit different and far more powerful than Big Blue. The supercomputer is designed to play Jeopardy, the nationally recognized game show that features questions and answers in a trivia like manner. Now Watson is set to go against two former champs, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

Jennings, many remember, is the single highest paid winner on Jeopardy, playing the game for longer than any contestant after the game show changed formats. Rutter is the runner up to that competition.

During a practice run with the new computer, Watson beat the two competitors but not by much. Watson does not answer questions incorrectly but stays silent when it does not know the answer. This, some say, gives the computer the advantage in the game because it cannot lose points for incorrect answers.

The two former champions and Watson will go head to head in a live televised event very soon. It is certain to attract more viewers than ever before for the long running game show. All money will go to charity from the event.

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