, director of the World Chess Hall of Fame and
Museum and president of the art consulting firm, RKL Consulting, is
sporting some new bling on the third finger of her left hand.

The ring is courtesy of her beau cum fiance, Chris
, Metro’s senior VP of engineering. Poehler did the
romantic thing at the stroke of midnight on Christmas, which is
also Barrett’s birthday. Not date set yet.

In an unrelated move, Barrett left this morning for Park City,
Utah, with an entourage from her consulting firm and
Shannon Bailey from the chess museum. The group is
there because the museum, which is scheduled to open here in
September, is sponsoring a variety of chess-related events at the
Sundance Film Festival in conjunction with the debut of Liz
‘s HBO documentary film, “Bobby Fischer Against the

Following the film’s debut, the chess museum will host a special
gallery event showing an array of 25 original, limited-edition
photographs of Fischer shot by renowned Scottish photojournalist,
Harry Benson.

“We are very proud to support the debut of this film at Sundance
to create some well-deserved excitement for chess,” Barrett said
today. “We want to let people know they don’t have to be an expert
player to appreciate how the game has impacted our culture, and
that they can learn more by visiting the museum when it opens.”

Part of the activities will include four Chess Grandmasters who
will be at high-profile locations around the festival, offering
one-on-one tips and playing chess with passers-by, including local
Utah chess students and the film’s director.

The Grandmasters are: Jennifer Shahade, Joel Benjamin,
Alexander Shabalov
and Iryna Zenyuk.

The chess museum will feature a variety of exhibits, history and
an opportunity to further the growing popularity of chess. It will
partner wtih the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis,
which is located at 4657 Maryland Avenue, across the street from
the museum.

Much of the content of the museum is coming from the World Chess
Hall of Fame and Sidney Samole Museum in Miami, which closed in
2009. The decision by the U.S. Chess Federation to move the museum
here was due to the success and growing international reputation of
the Chess Club.