EMMA Guo has had a checkered sporting career  and she is only 15.

The Canberra-based chess queen is playing in the Gold Coast International Chess tournament at the Kurrawa Surf Lifesaving Club, and tomorrow will take on eight players at once.

The top eight, including Emma and Australia’s top-ranked player Zhao Zong-Yuan, will simultaneously each play members of the public.

To play the highest-ranked players costs a $10 entry fee, while taking on lower-ranked players will cost $1.


Chess can be a challenging game for most people, but tournament organiser Amir Karibasic said simultaneous chess took it to the next level.

He said chess masters often planned up to 15 moves ahead against each opponent and do not take the competition lightly.

“They have to play really precisely,” he said.

“If they lose they can lose their reputation.”

Emma said she had only played in simultaneous chess games against juniors, so playing adults would be a new challenge.

She is the highest-ranked woman in the tournament, just one step below an international master.