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Hou Yifan

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History will have to wait one more day.

Ruan Lufei won the last regulation game of the Women’s World Championship final to force the match into overtime.

Ruan had trailed the best-of-four match against Hou Yifan by one point and needed to win to stay alive. She did just that in a tension-filled game in which both players, unsurprisingly given the stakes, made some mistakes.

Ruan won all her previous matches in the championship in tie-breakers, so she feels right at home in the format. But Hou is the higher-ranked player, so she has the edge, at least on paper. Of course that was true in the regulation portion of the match also, and she was unable to win.

The tie-breaker will be a best-of-four series of rapid games (25 minutes per player with 10 seconds added to their times after each move). If those games end in a tie, there will be two blitz games (5 minutes per player with 10 seconds added after each move). If there still is no winner, then an Armageddon game (White has 5 minutes; Black has 4, but only has to draw to win the match) will decide the champion.