t Chess Lite, developed by Tom Kerrigan, is now available from the App Store and has made Apple’s Top 300 iPad/iPod applications list. The app was last released on November 14, 2008 and sells for $0.99.

The application developer’s description of the application is, “NEW! tChess is a “universal binary” and supports the iPhone and iPad equally well. You don’t have to buy a separate version of tChess for the iPad, or pay extra for iPad features.

tChess Lite is the popular chess game designed just for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. tChess is like a virtual chess board on your device. It’s fun and easy to use–perfect for the casual player!

This game features a very clean UI design and beautiful graphics. tChess is a fast and stable program. Pick up a game in your free time… and there’s no problem listening to your music while you play.

(tChess Lite is a fully-functional version of tChess for casual chess players. If you’re an active player and want enthusiast-level features, take a look at tChess Pro, which is over 1000 ELO stronger and has received rave reviews from Grandmaster Susan Polgar, PE’s Chess Cast, and iPhone app critics.)

tChess Lite Features:

– Play 1- or 2-player games on your device anytime (no network connection required)
– Tap-tap to move pieces
– Highlights legal moves
– View full game history in the Move List
– Go back or forward move by move and replay completed games
– Built-in chess clock
– “Get hint” feature to improve your game
– Easy to undo moves
– Saves your game automatically if you exit the program or take a call
– Play against any ELO rating from 500 to 1200
– Computer opponent is the most fun and realistic for beginners and casual players
– Use the Profile feature to play rated games and track your progress
– Over 15,000 openings for fresh, varied games

tChess Lite is developed by Tom Kerrigan, author of the TSCP and Stobor chess engines.

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