“Europe is no longer the center of the world.” So clear is Manuel Marin, the current president of the Iberdrola Foundation. He stated that the twenty-first century has begun with an offset center of gravity to the Asia – Pacific energy interdependence. And the greenhouse gases emission has shifted in the same direction.


“Energy is becoming a central element of a new balance of power that is being consolidated in the world. But the world is no longer eurocentric. This produces uncertainty in some Europeans who do not stop to think that the gravity center of economic, financial and interdependencies has moved from the meridian 0º to 180º” says former Spanish politician.

The European Union seems to look astonished to this loss of power. Marin recognizes the efforts of some European leaders like the president of the European Commission Jose Manuel Durao Barroso in order to encourage the member countries to achieve a single voice, but believes that this shift occurs because “Europe is not able to find a common response”.