A brand new online chess game available.

New York, NY — (SBWIRE) — 01/24/2011 — Today jaycass Inc announced the latest addition to http://www.aprenderajugarajedrez.com Yesterday was the official launch of the free online chess game to help chess enthusiast develop their newly obtained chess skills.

In reality the theory of chess can help anyone looking to learn but it is extremely important to practice the theory learned as soon as possible to make the learning process a much stronger one. Practicing continuously can help chess players with an endless array of options depending on any given situation.

The internet currently has thousands upon thousands of chess games. So what makes this brand new chess game different? The newly launched chess game allows user to pick different strategies while playing and apply them with ease. The new chess game also features different playing levels to allow growth by applying more challenging opponents or game play.

With so many web sites offering chess games options it can be very tough to find an online chess game that not only helps you find a match but also find simple ways to follow strategies. By having a strategy guide side by side while playing a match, players can compare and contrast while the game is happening.

The brand new online chess game is intended to help players along any level of play, in particular helping novice players get a grasp on the basic strategies of chess. The new game allows players to choose different play levels, board style from 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional, side by side strategy guides and much more.

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