Never mind Marvin (although I’m sure there is tension there), this all goes back to Bratkowski.

Notice something?

Tom Moore became Indy’s OC in 1997 and is still there (and it’s difficult to assess whether he is very good or not given Peyton’s unique situation calling plays). Dick Lebeau became PITT’s DC in 2004 (and if he’d never been Cincy’s head coach, he probably would have gotten a HC offer in 2006).

Other than that, EVERY COORDINATOR OTHER THAN BRAT was hired in 2006 or later.

Why? Because of one of two reasons: a) very good coordinators tend to get job interviews and end up with a head coaching job or a higher paying coordinating job elsewhere, b) underperforming coordinators usually GET FIRED!

And yet yesterday, Bob Bratkowski celebrated the tenth anniversary of his hiring! And what accomplishments justify this? If you’re the owner and you have a coordinator who’s been on the job for ten years and NO ONE is calling to offer him a HC job or a coordinator job for more money, then isn’t that a sign that you’ve got a bad coordinator?

I had a friend who lost pride in his job once the company hired a complete buffoon…..whereas he was originally so proud to have the job, he suddenly thought “gee, I guess performance doesn’t matter here if THIS person hasn’t been fired.” His work ethic sank like a stone.

If I was Carson, I’d retire too.