Fear the chess players.

Seven men were arrested while playing chess in a New York
park for the “crime” of playing chess in an area off-
limits to adults unaccompanied by kids.

According to the New York
, the arrested say there were no children in the
park at the time.

The chess tables where they were ticketed for “failure to
comply with signs” are in a fenced-in area where posted
notices read: “Adults allowed in playground areas only
when accompanied by a child under the age of 12.”

Police claim the arrests are made on the premise that it
is better to keep all adults away and not worry about what
could happen instead of letting some hang out at the park
and risk the kids’ safety.

Yacahuda “Y.A.” Harrison, 49, one of those chess
aficionados, said he saw those signs months ago and “asked
the [Parks] ranger if we had permission to be there.”

“The ranger said, ‘Oh no, that’s fine, that’s only written
for pedophiles.’ ”

However, NYPD spokesperson Paul Browne said police acted
accordingly in the situation, even saying one of the men
arrested had priors for reckless endangerment, grand
larceny, drug possession and criminal mischief.