ROCKFORD — Fourteen teams competed Nov. 6 at RESA Middle School in the school’s second annual team chess tournament, The Main Event.

In the lightweight division for kindergarten through fifth grades, the Washington 3 team finished in first place with an undefeated record.

The combined team from Haskell and Conklin, Queen’s Gambit, took second place, the Lions from Barbour Language Academy and the mixed team from Haskell/Conklin/North Boone tied for third place, and the Washington 2 team finished in fifth place.

In the middleweight division for grades six through eight, Washington 1 went undefeated and took first-place honors. There was a three-way tie for second place with the Pretzel Kings from Freeport, the team from North Boone, and the Wolves from Pearl City. The teams from Harlem and the Raptors from RESA tied for fifth place, and the remaining teams from RESA, the Rooks, the Owls and the Roadrunners, tied for seventh.

Individual awards for perfect 4-0 scores went to Sengdao Inthavong, Brandon Wallace, Kirkland Shun, McKinley Torre and Temour Sheikh from Washington, Muhammed Hassan from Haskell/Conklin, C.J. Cummings from North Boone and Noah Watson from Freeport.
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