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Wednesday 8th December, 2010 (IANS)

Chandigarh traders sold the maximum number of chess boards to global customers and bought the maximum memorabilia related to World War-I (WWI) from July 2009 to June 2010, a report by leading online retailer eBay said Wednesday.

‘Chandigarh is an important market for eBay India and it has emerged as the ninth largest e-commerce hub in the country for us. Chandigarh sold maximum chess boards and bought the most WWI memorabilia,’ Arun Srinivasan, head of retention marketing, eBay India, told reporters here Wednesday.

‘Chandigarh entrepreneurs sold the most technology products at 67 percent of all transactions. Besides lifestyle goods dominated the imports at 50 percent,’ he added.

Srinavasan said that mobile handsets, home theatre accessories, diamond rings, British India coins and diamond pendants were the top five purchases made by eBayers in Chandigarh.

‘Besides, top five sold products from Chandigarh included pen drives, meena jewellery, DVD discs, smart phones and consumer electronic gadgets,’ he said.

Srinavasan also taked about increase in transactions in Punjab and Haryana.

‘Both Punjab and Haryana are growing very rapidly and there is immense business potential. During the last few months, we have also seen an increase in the transactions not only from urban areas but also from rural parts of these states,’ he stated.

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