Twenty-eight competitors showed up for the Temple Chess Club Winter Swiss chess tournament Saturday, held at the Holiday Inn in Temple.

“We would have had more people today, except up in Dallas they have a Texas Team Championship,” Forest Marler, co-founder of the tournament, said.

Matthew Liu of Austin and Mack Williams of Arlington tied for first in the open section of the tournament, splitting $300 in first- and second-place prize money. Nathan Fewel of Temple placed third, receiving $50. Steve Manion of San Marcos placed first in the reserve, winning $75, and Gary Cobb and Dang Minh Nguyen, both from Austin, tied for second and third place in the reserve, splitting $75.

One competitor, Allen Eckert, drove from Mason to compete. “This is one of the closest tournaments I get to go to,” Eckert said. “I used to play all over the state.”

Wayne Sampson, also co-founder of the tournament, said they have had a club since October and they already have 10-12 members. The club meets 6-10 p.m. every Friday at the Scholtzsky’s restaurant in Temple.

“Those are all new people,” Sampson said. “Once you get into chess it’s difficult not to play.”

People from a variety of ages and backgrounds attended the tournament. Huy Nguyen brought his three children, Dan, Khoa and Duy out to compete. They have been competing for two years.