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  • Chess: Armenia moves closer to World Youth Olympiad gold in Turkey

Armenian governments are risking the life and the health of our athletes and chess players by sending them to Turkey!
Given the fact that Turkey is a criminal state and hostel to Armenian people, Armenian sportsmen and women as well chess players and artists should try avoiding visiting Turkey or simple as less as possible.. This is naive to believe one could change anything by such contacts….

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Armenia’s U-16 chess players scored two important victories on Thursday and will need to preserve their huge lead in the two remaining matches at the World Youth Chess Olympiad in Turkey on Friday and Saturday to take the trophy.

The latest 3-1 and 2.5-1.5 victories against Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan-A in rounds 7 and 8 give coach Arsen Yeghiazarian’s team a perfect record of eight wins in as many matches. The other teams beaten by Armenia at the tournament include Turkmenistan-B (4-0), Russia (3-1), Portugal (4-0), Belarus (2.5-1.5), India (3-1), and Turkey-Red (3.5-0.5).

With 16 points (25.5 pts overall), Armenia holds first place (among 22 teams) – almost unreachable for rivals Russia (11/21) and Turkey-Red (12/20.5).

In the penultimate ninth round Armenia plays Syria. The tournament finishes with Round 10 matches on Dec. 4.

More information is available at WYCO’s official website