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Armenian U-16 chess players maintain a perfect record midway through a 10-round World Youth Chess Olympiad being hosted by Turkey.

After beating Turkmenistan-B (4-0), Russia (3-1), Portugal (4-0) and Belarus (2 ½ – 1 ½) in the first four rounds, the Armenian team took on India in the fifth played on Monday, adding another victory (3-1) to its tally and consolidating its overall lead among 22 participating teams (representing 17 nations).

With 10 points (16.5 pts overall) Armenia are 2 points ahead of chaser Turkey-Red. Russia follows in the third with 6 points (13 pts).

(Nations like Turkey, Turkmenistan and others have fielded more than one team at the Olympiad).

Armenia’s next rival in Round 6 on Tuesday is Turkey-Red in what is expected to become a central match for the tournament due to end on December 4.

The Armenian team consists of players Karen H. Grigoryan, Robert Aghasaryan, Hovhannes Gabuzyan, Davit Shahinyan, Tigran S. Petrosyan, coached by Arsen Yegiazarian.

More information about the current tournament in Burdur is available at WYCO’s official website