Dec 2 2010
by Our Correspondent, Cynon Valley Leader


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East Glamorgan Chess League, Division Four

IN THEIR latest match in Division Four of the East Glamorgan Chess League, Rhondda Chess Club entertained North Cardiff Hornets.

After six straight defeats the players were desperate to chalk a win on the board.

The Hornets were late turning up and this seemed to put them on the back foot from the outset.


Bill Davies, on board two, used a variation of his favourite king-side opening to pose his opponent early problems. Bill’s opponent opted to counter-attack but that opened her up to a murderous attack on the weak King’s Bishop square.

Bill’s Queen and Knight combined to deliver a rapid checkmate. On board four, Roland Humphries brought his Queen into the attack from the start.

This would have been a risky tactic against a more experienced player but Roland’s young opponent wilted. Roland’s Queen was soon capturing pieces all over the board on the way to a comfortable win.

Mike Colwill, on board five, also faced a young opponent but Mike, who usually likes sharp, attacking chess, choose a more strategic approach. Mike gradually built up pressure, testing and stretching the defences as he went.

The approach paid dividends as suddenly his opponent’s position collapsed like a pack of cards for Mike to record another win.

Peter Williams, on board three, lost a piece in early exchanges and was relieved to win it back soon after.

From that point, Peter gradually improved his position before catching his opponent with his favourite Knight fork.

Although he made rather heavy weather of the ending, Peter also delivered a win.

David Lewis, on board one, was struggling to make any impression in his game.

David decided to break open the position in the hope of gaining an advantage.

The position was now very open and his opponent missed two good opportunities to forge ahead.

The game reached a climax with both players very short of time.

David’s opponent then blundered on each of his last two moves before the time control to hand him a fortunate victory.

The final result was an emphatic 5-0 win to help erase the memory of the whitewash defeat the week before.