The first-ever Virtual Chess Tournament exclusively for IT companies in Pune is being hosted on the December 18 and 19. The tournament is open for all companies in the IT and ITES industries only in Pune. There is a total prize money of Rs 90,000 for the winners.

As the title says, the tournament is Virtual and all games are to be played online. “ Chess has always been a king amongst games – a deep, strategic game representing the distilled fundamentals of war that’s been enjoyed by some of the world’s best thinkers. It’s a game that’s characterised by forward thinking, and planning ahead. Playing chess online with players from different companies will make the game even more challenging”, said Ameya Kulkarni, Founder, Value Plus Sales Marketing Research Company.

DECOS Software Development Company, have initiated this tournament and Value Plus Sales Marketing Research Company are the co-initiators of the idea. Marrquee Events Private Limited is managing the tournament.

Grand Master Abhijit Kunte is heading the tournament technical committee. The tournament is hosted on one of the world’s leading portals for playing online chess games (Internet Chess Club).

“Chess is a thinking game. It stimulates your mind and exercises your brain. If you want to exercise your mind, relax yourself from the stress and pressure, have fun, and kill the boredom, then the ideal solution would be a game of chess. Since online chess games have revolutionized the way chess is played, you can now meet people from all around the world who just want to chat and play a game of chess. Its fun and challenging,” says Abhijit Kunte.

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