The French Chess Federation has done something truly shocking! It is accusing three of its own players of cheating during the 2010 Chess Olympiad! The announcement File:Opening chess position from black side.jpgwas made on Friday, January 21st. The astounding accusations are being made against “grandmasters Sébastien Feller, ranked No. 5, and Arnaud Hauchard, No. 16, and Cyril Marzolo, ranked No. 46.”

The French Chess Federation did not release any additional information about why or how they thought the three grandmasters had cheated. The news is even more shocking because Sébastien is considered one of the most promising chess players and is only 19 years old. France is ranked No.3 worldwide when it comes to chess.

Current speculations amongst the media is that since Feller was the only one accused to have played for the 2010 French Olympiad team, he may have gotten help from the other two accused. The end result of Sébastien’s time at the event was him getting an individual gold medal.

There hasn’t been any statement released by any of the three accused but this is sure to turn into a very interesting case of he said, she said. Hopefully, a full and thorough investigation will be performed by the French Chess Federation and the findings will be released so everyone will know whether or not there was cheating going on.

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