VietNamNet Bridge – On the second
day of the HDBank International Chess Cup in HCM City, Vietnam’s top chess
player, international grand master Le Quang Liem had a draw and a winning game.


Liem has a good start at HDBank Cup

After two
winning matches on the first day, the top seed Le Quang Liem had to share a
point with Bitoon Richard (Philippines)
in the third game on January 5. However, he defeated Vietnamese player Nguyen
Duc Hoa in the fourth game to have 3.5 points, ranking third after Gomez John
Paul from the Philippines.
Today, January 6, Liem will face Gomez John Paul.


Vietnamese international grand master, Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son, didn’t play
well. He got a draw with Vietnamese player Nguyen Van Huy and then trounced
Chinese Wang Li on the same day.


With three
points, Son ranks 11th. Two other Vietnamese players – Cao Sang and
Tran Thanh Tu – also have 3 points. At the same time, grand masters Tu Hoang
Thong and Nguyen Anh Dung have only 2 and 1.5 points.


Vietnamese female players Mai Hung, Hong An and Thao Nguyen made surprises in
the first day, the order was restored in the second day. After defeating
international grand masters Tu Hoang Thong and Nguyen Anh Dung, young player
Mai Hung was defeated by Gomez John Paul (Philippines)
and Lu Shanglei (China)
on the second day.


Hong An
also had a draw and a losing game.


Coach Lam
Minh Chau of the HCM
City chess team said that
the tournament is very interesting and dramatic at times.


This is the largest annual chess
event in Vietnam,
which belongs to the competition system of the International Chess Federation
(FIDE). The tournament takes place from January 4-9 at Rex
Hotel in HCM City.


The event attracts 65 players,
including 35 from eight countries like China,
Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand,
Singapore, the Philippines, Ukraine,
South Africa,