“Twilight” stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart squared off for some chess at Paraty on the Isle Esme in  Brazil during filming of their “Breaking Dawn” honeymoon scenes.

The white queen and a red pawn were featured on the cover of Stephenie Meyer’s book “Breaking Dawn.” What is it significance and how does the scene tie in to the plot?

Bella is obviously the white queen.

According to Stephenie, “Breaking Dawn’s” cover is a metaphor for Bella’s progression throughout the entire saga.

She began as the weakest (compared to vampires and werewolves) player on the board: the pawn.

Check out the chess scene photos; click to enlarge.

She ended as the strongest: the queen. In the end, Bella brings about the win for the Cullens, Meyer says.

The chess theme is also a metaphor for the battle between the Cullens and the Volturi, which, in the end, is mental rather than physical.

The book’s title “Breaking Dawn,” symbolizes the beginning of Bella’s life as a vampire in the Cullen clan.

As their newlywed characters, Bella Swan, that is Bella Cullen, and Edward Cullen, Rob and Kristen spent a lot of time, frolicking on the beach and at a waterfall in Paraty.

In the chess scenes, Stewart, 20, wore a black, sleeveless top, while Rob wore royal blue shirt and black pants.

Later Kristen stripped down to a revealing white bikini while Pattinson, 24, wore red swim trunks.

Some of the filming took place at a waterfall in Paraty. Then the actors and crew headed for Bag Mamanguá in Paraty-Mirim.

That’s where the mansion is located that serves as a backdrop for the movie, the fourth installment in the Twilight series.

On Friday (Nov. 12) Pattinson and Stewart filmed the long awaited kiss between Edward and Bella a key scene in “Twilight,” “Breaking Dawn.”

The scene took place at the beach at Mamanguá in Paraty, Costa Verde Rio.

The couple was reportedly back in Los Angeles last weekend.

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Following their Brazil shoot and their LA respite, they headed to New Orleans, La., to continue filming.

Rob and crew will film in Louisiana and then return to Vancouver, Canada, where all of the Twilight films have been shot.

Check out their beach scene photos; click to enlarge.

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