Sayantan , the defending champion drew against Diptayan Ghosh of South Point School to maintain his whole point lead over the rest of the field.

Only in the eventuality of his losing his last round game will the complicated Buccholz tie-break system be applied to decide the winner. Sayantan is being followed by 5 players, all of whom are on 8.5 points a full point behind him.

On the top board Diptayan played the Ruy Lopez and got a slight advantage of the double bishops but because of the closed nature of the game he offered the peace treaty on the 29th move, which was promptly accepted.

On the second board Saurabh Mandal of Shival High School , Jharkand won a queen for rook and bishop against second seeded Prince Bajaj of Delhi Public School. Ghaziabad to jump to the joint second spot.

S Prasannaa of Vellammal H.S.School faced hardly any opposition against Debankan Dhara of Vivekananda Mission School winning with a simple tactic. The game in a Petroff Defence was over in 30 moves.

South Point School is leading in the race for the Best School Trophy.

Top Board Results:-Round-10

Diptayan Ghosh (8.5) drew Sayantan Das (9.5)

Prince Bajaj (7.5)lost to Saurabh Mandal (7.5)

S. Prasannaa (8.5)beat Debankan Dhara (7.5)

N.R. Vignesh (8.5) beat Dhriti Shankar (7.5)

N.R. Visakh (8.5) beat Kumar Gaurav (7.5)

Ved Prakash (7)lost to Chandrasish Majumdar (8)

Rahul Raj (7) lost to Aubhropratim Manna (8)

Saptorshi Gupta (7) lost to Aditya Chakraborty (8)

Nishant Malhotra (8) beat Debangshu Chakraborty (7)

Kaustuv Kundu (8) beat Raunak Mondal (7)