There’s a new superhero in town, and NBC has him locked in on Monday nights. David Lyons (“ER,” “Eat Pray Love”) stars as Vince Faraday a.k.a. The Cape, a police officer who is thought to be dead and has been set up as the villainous Chess, a masked character who has been wrecking havoc in the town of Palm City.

Now Faraday is out to get the real criminals of Palm City and protect his family by taking on the persona of the hero The Cape, based on his son’s favorite comic book hero.

With the help of his trainer Max Malini and silent sidekick Orwell, Faraday sets out to rid Palm City of the real Chess: Peter Fleming, the man who’s trying to take over Palm City’s police force and create one that he owns and controls.

Fleming’s plan is to own the city jails, so he can release the criminals and start his own army of villains. It’s up to Faraday as The Cape and his sidekicks to rid Palm City of Fleming and his flock.

The premiere episode aired Sunday night, with an encore tonight, and gained an audience who had been looking for new heroes and villains they could watch on a weekly basis, reminiscent of the old comic-book based shows, such as “Batman and Robin,” “Wonderwoman” and “Superman.”

Only, “The Cape” is not your typical “bing, bang, pow” superhero show. It’s updated for today’s audience with fresh storylines, graphics, special effects, drama and characters audiences will love or hate week after week.

Joining Lyons in the cast of “The Cape” are Keith David as Max, Summer Glau as Orwell and James Frain as Flemming a.k.a. Chess. Regular hour-long episodes will begin airing next Monday, January 17, at 9/8c.