Last week, television viewers were introduced to the new NBC drama The Cape. It follows a cop who, after being wrongfully framed, dons a costume to go after the one responsible: Fleming, aka Chess.

From Russia with love

Gregor is inspected before being led to his cell in a straitjacket. He escapes in a seemingly impossible way and left behind “Kozmo” on the wall.

David Lyons cropped

Out of the past

Faraday targets Phillips who works for Fleming. He rips off his car door, and when he exits his car, Faraday is waiting. He hangs him over the bridge and tells him to tell the world what he knows. He doesn’t seem so inclined to talk, and Faraday drops him onto a truck. Orwell directs him back.

Trip starts a new school, and the other students put chess pieces in his desk.

Faraday practices with The Cape, but Max is worried he’s training too much.

Gregor enters their territory and Max greets him. He wants his cape back.

Kozmo the Unkillable

Max tells Gregor he doesn’t know who has his cape. Faraday enters and Max shows Gregor out. Max tells Faraday there were many Kozmos, and the name passed with the cape. However the name ended with Max and Faraday needs to think of a new name and hide his cape.

Dana says it’s becoming a police state in the streets, but she’s supposed to work on her pile of files.

Fleming is searching for his daughter. Marty tells him they locked onto Orwell’s signal, but her location was toast when they got there. Fleming calls the blogger a threat and wants to re-task satellites to find Orwell.

Orwell’s waiting for Faraday when he gets back and blames him for almost getting caught. He wants to know about her, but she asks what he knows about Max. She warns him about Gregor. She needs 24 hours, since her place is gone.

Faraday and Trip each read the same comic that night. The boy puts on his father’s jacket.

Faraday follows Gregor through the streets but loses him. Gregor is inside a casino playing a hand of cards. He tells the players he’s looking for a very special cape, and they tell him stories they’ve heard. He kills them all with the cards.

Secrets of the Cape

Summer Glau WonderCon

Rollo enters Faraday’s place and finds Orwell there. He tells her about a show they’re putting on and brings her back to the Carnival. She introduces herself to Max as Julia.

Gregor walks over to introduce himself, but that’s when Faraday enters, offering Gregor “the proper sendoff.” Gregor can dislocate his bones, and he demonstrates for the others, as Faraday keeps refilling his glass. He reads Orwell and says she was imprisoned and is not Julia.

Dana’s client tells her what happened the night Faraday was taken away and forced to wear the mask. She tells Marty.

Gregor brings up Max’s old cape and says he wouldn’t let him have it, because there was darkness in him. He insists he’s reformed, but Faraday brings up the murders from the night before and takes out one of the cards. He asks for his alibi, and Gregor knows he’s a cop. He knows he has Max’s cape, too. The others stand up with Faraday against Gregor who disappears. Faraday is determined to catch him.

The show must go on

Orwell tells Faraday Gregor wants him to go after him and has a way of knowing things. He realizes he could know about his family and goes after him, while Orwell acts as his eyes.

Faraday watches Dana in the garage and sees her with her boss.

Orwell returns to the Carnival, and Max asks her to join their family.

He is preparing for the show, when he realizes Gregor is around. He has also taken over the show and tells the audience of two great acts: the tiger tamers devoured by their own pets and the death of Max whom Gregor trapped in a tank of water. Faraday comes to his rescue, while Orwell frees the tiger tamers.

However, Gregor takes The Cape and uses it against Faraday. The other performers quickly get the audience out. Gregor draws Orwell in, but Faraday comes to her rescue and is able to use his cape to bring Gregor down. He refuses to kill him, but Max says nothing can hold Gregor and Faraday takes back his cape.

One man, one fight, one right

Orwell takes pictures, as the private police takes everyone away from the freight yard who may have seen something that fateful night. Faraday uses her camera for pictures of Phillips.

Marty tells Dana there was nothing there, but when they hang up, an envelope is slipped under her door with the pictures and a note: “Don’t lose hope…Never lose hope.”

Faraday visits Trip on the roof and tells him he’s not alone and always out there watching him.

Fleming opens a music box and looks at the ballerina figurine, as Orwell dances in the Carnival. Could it be?

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

Photo Source: David Lyons (WikiMedia Commons); Summer Glau (WikiMedia Commons)

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